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Buying a good cordless phone in the UK can be very tricky given the huge amount of information and choice online. And buying a quad cordless phone set is even more difficult given that these sets are quite an expensive purchase decision.

Here at QuadCordlessPhones.com we hope to make things easier for you to buy the right set of 4 phones for you or your business.

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In general, these are the features that you’re going to want to look out for:

  • Energy Saving – not only will this save you money but it’ll also help to make your company more environmentally friendly.
  • Caller Display – the ability to quickly see who is calling, an important function as it allows you to greet the caller correctly.
  • Keypad Lock – in large offices you don’t want other people using your phone and accessing messages meant for you.
  • Answering Machine – check the sound quality and the maximum message length.
  • Range of the Handset – how far away can you be from the handset without losing signal.
  • Sound Quality – you don’t want to be struggling to understand a client – different phones have varying levels of sound quality.
  • Ringtones – if you’re in a customer-facing role then the ringtone matters. Get a phone with a number of ringtone options.
  • Bluetooth Functionality – this is only needed by some people.

Selecting a Brand

There are 3 main UK manufacturers of cordless phones. They are Siemens, Panasonic and Philips. All make good phones but if you have to choose one particular brand then we would recommend Siemens and their Gigaset range of phones. Their quad cordless phones regularly come out top of the customer satisfaction charts.

With that in mind this is the quad phone which is currently the bestseller:

Siemens Gigaset S795 Quad – with easy-to-use functionality, caller display, text messaging, and talk time of 13 hours, this phone has everything that you could need.

If it’s cost-effectiveness that you’re looking for then we recommend this phone:

Siemens Gigaset CS3 Quad – this 4-phone set has a price tag of only £109.99. When it comes to affordability you won’t do better than this.

Where price is less of an issue and it’s the features that you want we’d recommend this model:

Siemens Gigaset SL910A Quad – it does have a price tag of over £400 but for this you get a huge array of features, plus each of the 4 phones has touch-screen technology.

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Finding a good wireless office phone can be difficult, and finding a good quad cordless set is even harder. Therefore we're here to try to make your search for the perfect quad cordless phone that much easier.

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